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Life isn't fair.
It's just fairer than death,
that's all.


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 Lentano ..*

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I’ve lived only a portion of my potential life, and yet I’m already sick of living.

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Anonymous said: how do i keep an erection?in all seriousness as a man to man kind of question

Viagra. that shit sounds fantastic. You could play ping pong with your dick, type messages on your keyboard, try using the swipe feature on your smartphone. You could even prop up your iPad to watch movies while laying down.

but honestly… if you’re having trouble, just try something new, watch some porn, practice in your room, or go to see a doctor if you’re concerned… and receive Viagra. that shit sounds fantastic.

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for the nth time in my life, I am being completely fucked over by someone who I called ‘best friend’. And not in the degree that they are just being a douche, but to the extent that it has serious consequences on my life and what I’m going to do. I now potentially have no place to stay, no money to get a new place, and I’ve been made out to be this horrible person and made to feel like shit just because I’ve been struggling for the past couple years.

All I wanted to do was come to University so I could get a good job and do something great with my life. Now I have no clue what to do with my life, I have lost a total of 4 best friends, am $34,000 in debt to OSAP, which I have to start paying back in 4 months, and I have no place to live. I JUST got a job after spending all summer looking for one, and I could lose it if I don’t have a place to stay. I may have to move back to my mothers, leaving behind the few friends I have left, and leaving my girlfriend, my job, and the city that I have grown to love, amongst many other things.

A friend should not offer help, and then expect that you just clean up after them, do their dishes and sweep and clean their garbage in exchange for helping. And then the ONE time you say something and ask if they could clean something… turn around and bring up every time they’ve helped you and use it against you. That’s not how a friendship works. I’m beginning to see that maybe all those other people you claimed fucked you over… actually just wanted out because they were sick of putting up with your shit.

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